Monday, April 6, 2015

Pre: The history of Rock'n Roll, the music- not the saying*.

There is a great topic that I've had on my to-do list for a while now. Frequently when a great idea pops in my head it gets written down to re-visit at a later date. This is one I've been hesitant to attack. There are whole books dedicated to the topic. I don't know how it's going to translate to a blog post, or a series of blog posts.

The history of Rock'n Roll.
Didn't Marty invent it? No? Huh.

The amount of research that should go into such a serious topic is daunting. There are a few concrete answers that will arise, but I want to know the background to each. This isn't just a quick article read, it's like the holy grail. The grail itself could matter less to me, it's about the journey.

Arguably, aside from the ease of a google search, there are a few people I could ask and who would supply satisfactory answers. Various different musicians and music fans, some even at scholarly levels of knowledge would provide some sort of response. Yet it would be their opinion. Culminated from years of experience, but it's their version of the history. Their version of what Rock'n Roll means. This is the same reason I don't want to just read another historian's book. It's their findings, presented as they want to.

So what qualifies this amateur blog writer to tackle such an important subject?
Nothing, this is the Internet where everyone is entitled (for better or for worse) to an opinion.

I am simply a product of male-western culture. I like driving guitar and simple lyrics. As a mechanic, there is also the undeniable tie between cars and rock; maybe it's the harnessing of fire to move fast or the simple tie between a garage and the soundtrack that amps you up, makes you move. Either way, these two topics are closely related and very near to my heart.

That intimate relationship is what makes this all so important. Peeling back the curtain to expose the layers behind an entire identity is scary. Could it all be un-founded? A castle built on the sand? I hope not, and I look forward to divulging the rich culture and history to what beats within my veins, Rock'n Roll.

*The saying; at some point in time I picked up saying 'Rock'n Roll' as a positive affirmation. It took the place of 'sounds good' or 'alright'. As I worked as a bartender it was quickly identified as nearly a catchphrase for me. I never meant to brand myself that way but it's undeniably my most over-used phrase. It still strikes people as odd and I'm glad my boss has never questioned it (as I end most phone conversations this way). It's just an embodied statement that says, we agree and look forward to moving onto the next step. There could be a whole post dedicated to my use of 'Rock'n Roll' as a saying

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